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José Garza

José Garza is the District Attorney of Travis County, known nationally as a progressive reformer committed to fixing our broken criminal justice system.


Garza’s commitment to hold police accountable for use of excessive force led to policy changes within the Austin Police Department, including what the Austin American Statesman called a “long overdue” ban on the use of shotgun propelled, lead-pellet filled bean bags that inflicted serious harm on peaceful protestors in the wake of George Floyd.


Garza is also a leader in the effort to undo the damaging consequences of the failed War on Drugs. Approaching the issue as a public health crisis, Garza advocates for alternative sentencing for non-violent offenders that prioritizes treatment for substance abuse addictions. He's implemented community-driven harm reduction policies and partnered with the County to create a behavioral health diversion center. The benefits of this humane, data-driven approach are clear: reducing mass incarceration and recidivism, ending the over policing of communities of color, and stabilizing families.

At the same time, Garza has held people who commit acts of violence in our community accountable. As District Attorney, Garza has increased the number of sexual assault convictions, resolved the lawsuit brought by survivors of sexual assault against the previous administration, and increased the size of the Victim Services Division so that survivors can be a partner in new accountability strategies.

José’s willingness to speak the truth, however, and advocate for the safety and rights of women, LGBTQ families, and communities of color have made him a favorite political target of Greg Abbott, Ken Paxton, and their MAGA followers.


Despite the political pressure, José has stayed true to his oath to seek justice and to tackle the root causes of crime in our community while prioritizing justice and public safety of all.

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