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Implement community task forces.

We will engage all members of the community—everyone who cares about our community, anyone directly impacted by the criminal legal system, our entire immigrant community, survivors of crime and their families, civil rights groups, law enforcement, defense attorneys, and prosecutors—to join us in making our vision for Travis County a reality. This new vision of reform cannot succeed without community input, and we will create task forces to not only inform our office on policies, but to hold this office accountable to the community.

  •  I will appoint a community task force who will be responsible for reviewing all drug arrests to ensure that my commitment not to prosecute these cases is being upheld, and who will work with public health officials to divert resources from the District Attorney’s Office for treatment. This task force will also consider all budget requests made by my office, and will prioritize budgeting money for treatment outside of the criminal justice system rather than enlarging our office.

  • I will appoint an immigration task force, who will be charged with ensuring that the office policies on immigration are fully implemented, and to keep the office informed of any policy changes with ICE locally that should be addressed by this office. 

  • I will appoint a police misconduct task force, who will independently review any police misconduct cases that are not indicted out of the grand jury or where there is an acquittal at trial, to ensure that the office has followed best practices and prosecuted these cases to the full extent of the law.