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Focus resources on powerful actors who have abused public trust.

No one should be above the law, no matter how rich they are or just because of their job title. We will use our resources to investigate and prosecute the powerful actors in Travis County who have harmed the public—landlords who exploit immigrants, police officers accused of misconduct, and corporate heads who take money from the poor will no longer have a free pass in Travis County. We will reverse the current policy of not presenting cases involving law enforcement to a grand jury unless there is approval first by the District Attorney Office.

Instead, the Travis County District Attorney Office will actively investigate and prosecute powerful actors who have abused their positions. Police misconduct cases will be independently investigated, and all cases will be presented to the grand jury for review. 

While the majority of law enforcement officers do their jobs with honor and dignity, for the few who we deem as unreliable witnesses due to previous misconduct, we will commit to not relying on their testimony in court (a “no call” list).