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We will not keep people in jail just because they’re poor. 

Pretrial Justice Institute found that “81 percent of Texas registered voters believe the wealthy enjoy substantially better outcomes in the criminal justice than poor and working-class people. Majorities also agree that community-based supports are more fair than money bail[.]”

Yet right now, 70% of the people that are in our Travis County Jail have not been convicted of any crime—nearly all are there because they can’t afford to pay bail. The social costs of cash bail—the loss of housing, employment, and family—are devastating for people who simply don’t have big enough wallets to buy their way out. The Travis County District Attorney’s office can no longer be morally complicit in this practice.

As District Attorney, I will advocate to end cash bail in Travis County. No person should be held in our jail only because they can’t afford to buy their way out.