a new vision

for Justice & Safety

Our community is safer when we focus our efforts and resources on solving the serious crimes like murders and sexual assaults that cause real harm and far too often have gone unsolved. Our community is stronger when we keep communities together, instead of setting bail that places a price tag on people’s freedom, a price on freedom, that they cannot afford. And our community stands together when we show that no one is above the law and that everyone can be held accountable, no matter their position and authority. These will be my priorities as your District Attorney.



Our criminal justice system weighs most heavily on working-class people and people of color—it doesn’t have to be that way.

We will not keep people in jail just because they’re poor. 

As District Attorney, I will advocate to end cash bail in Travis County. No person should be held in our jail only because they can’t afford to buy their way out.

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We will treat substance abuse as the public health crisis it is. 

Unless there is evidence that a person poses a danger to the community, I will not prosecute sale or possession of a gram or less of narcotics.

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We will expand diversion programs. 

Our office will expand eligibility for diversion programs, and we will take away impediments to participation so more people can be successful in the programs.

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We will treat kids like kids.

As District Attorney, I will oppose transferring children to the adult system. I will also advocate for home-based alternatives to detention for kids.

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We will protect immigrant communities in our county.

By treating all people equally, we will help restore trust in some of our most forgotten communities.

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We can restore trust in our District Attorney’s office by ensuring that our criminal justice system reflects the values of our community.

We will treat crime survivors with dignity and respect.

We will prioritize survivors by providing them what they need, both in terms of services and for the criminal case itself, so that they are not re-traumatized by the system.

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We will pursue restorative justice.

Travis County deserves to have a robust restorative justice program, and we will partner with interested stakeholders to create one here.

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We will implement and work with community task forces. 

This new vision of reform cannot succeed without community input. We will create task forces to not only inform, but to hold this office accountable to the community.

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We will focus our resources on powerful actors who have abused public trust.

The Travis County District Attorney Office will actively investigate and prosecute powerful actors who have abused their positions.

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Together, we will reimagine justice in Travis County. 


We will not withhold information from those we prosecute.

My office will adopt an open file discovery policy that will apply after arrest allowing people accused of crimes to make fully-informed decisions every step of the way.

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We will not rely on civil asset forfeiture without a conviction.

Unless there has been a conviction in a case,
my office will return the property.

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We will fight for change in Texas.

The legislature is only steps away from the District Attorney’s Office, and we need to have a voice advocating for legislative changes that support our reform agenda.

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We will never seek the death penalty.

The Death Penalty is morally and ethically wrong, does not serve as a deterrent, has proven to be applied arbitrarily at best, and comes at tremendous financial costs.

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We will believe all people have value and can change.

We will proactively seek out those our office has incarcerated who have been rehabilitated to assist them with returning to the community.

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