a new vision

for Justice & Safety

We can transform our criminal justice system here in Travis Co. too. In fact, we must.

Together, people of color, working people, young people, and women can rebuild and repair our broken system by implementing some basic principles and values:



We should not lock people up because they’re poor. We must create a DA’s office that plays a more proactive role in the bail system to ensure that we live by and apply that value.


Survivors of sexual assault must be treated with dignity and respect. We must put new standards in place that prioritize seeking justice, in all its forms, for survivors.


We should treat substance abuse as the public health crisis it is. The District Attorney should prioritize treatment over incarceration to make our communities safer.





We must end gross racial disparities in our criminal justice system. We need to emphasize accountability and offer real solutions for the disproportionate mass incarceration of black and brown communities in our county.


We must lift up and protect immigrant communities in our county and work to ensure that our DA’s office examines the impact of criminalizing immigrants on families and communities.

This change is possible, if only we will seek it.